What does it cost to get in?

Entrance is FREE for all dogs and their people, however our charity partner ARTS Senior Animal Rescue will be accepting donations.  Advance registration and waiver signing will make things easier for you on DogFest day.  

‚ÄčWhat size of dogs will be at the playdate?
Dogs of all sizes, and breeds are invited to this event.  Therefore, 
dog owners MUST supervise their dog at all times and intervene IMMEDIATELY if there may be a problem.  Event producer reserves the right to remove disruptive/aggressive dogs without refund.   

What if my dog isn't well socialized, or is nervous? 
As long as your dog is not aggressive, and is well behaved in an off leash setting, your dog is welcome to attend.  The Event Organizer reserves the right to remove a dog from the event for displaying aggressive behavior towards other people/dogs.  It is up to the dog owner to ensure the dog behaves appropriately for the setting.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?
Yes.  Please ensure your dogs shots are completely up to date.  Also, ensure your dog isn't displaying any symptoms, such as kennel cough, or diarrhea.

What happens if my dog is "in season" on the date of the event?
Unfortunately, this would NOT be a good environment for a dog who is in season. 
Please do not attend.  You are encouraged to donate your ticket to a dog rescue to give to a foster to enjoy.  

What are my parking options at the event?
There is lots of free parking on site!

What can/can't I bring to the event?
You can bring all registered, well behaved dogs, as well as your family.  Each dog owner will be required to:
   #1.  Supervise their dog/behavior at all times
   #2.  Pick up after their dog immediately
   #3.  NOT give food/ treats to yours, or other dogs, at any time
   #4.  Agree to the terms of the 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please contact info@dogfest.ca or call 403.266.6558 with any questions, including vendor/sponsorship opportunities.

Will the vendors accept credit cards for items I wish to purchase?
Some of the vendors may accept credit cards, but all will accept cash.  We recommend you plan to pay cash for all purchases.

Is there an ATM on site?

No there isn't.

What is the cost/payment options for the portrait sessions?
Photos with Finesse will be doing family and dog mini-sessions for the low price of $15 (Cash or credit card only), which includes the sitting fee and ONE digital image (images will be available on an online gallery within 1 week of the event.)  They will accept payment when you sit for the portraits.  No appointment necessary, sittings will be performed on a First Come First Served basis - there will be a sign up sheet - please be sure to sign up for your session.,